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  I googled “fatteh” to satisfy and confirm what I know: that there are more than one version of this recipe.  Indeed, there are quite a number!  Most likely because fatteh is an Arabic term meaning “to crumble,” and for this recipe, the crumbled pita bread...

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Beef Sinigang

Sinigang can easily be confused with nilaga.  The major difference is that sinigang are stewed in souring agent, usually tamarind. Popular choices – after tamarind, that is – are guava, calamansi, santol. I had learned to use lemon here in Saudi Arabia.  It is awesome!...

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Chicken Nilaga

Nilaga (or boiled) is a basic Filipino recipe.  We add the name of the meat after or before the term nilaga simply for identification.  We have nilagang manok (chicken), nilagang baka (beef), nilagang everything. Chicken, though not as popular as beef for this dish, is quicker to...

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