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Chicken Nilaga Ala Baba

You must have seen my posts/recipes for chicken nilaga  and marag ed-dajaj. The first one being from my mom’s kitchen and the other one from my mom-in-law’s kitchen.  Chicken Nilaga Ala Baba (recipe below) is what I call a fusion. It was my first realization that my...

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Marag Ed-Dajaj

  Living in Saudi Arabia for many years and getting acquainted with the taste of local dishes while maintaining the Filipino tongue, it is not surprising to find and cook dishes that are a combination of both.  Below is a recipe from Mother M that I felt is very much similar to Mama...

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Chicken Nilaga

Nilaga (or boiled) is a basic Filipino recipe.  We add the name of the meat after or before the term nilaga simply for identification.  We have nilagang manok (chicken), nilagang baka (beef), nilagang everything. Chicken, though not as popular as beef for this dish, is quicker to...

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