April 14, 2017

Two moms

“My mom’s cooking is the best in the world!” 

Sounds familiar?  I know.  Most of us, if not all, had said that at least once in our lives. 

My introduction to cooking came from my mom, there is no guessing there.  And I will always yearn that very particular taste only Mommy L (let’s call her Mother L) can create.  A little more than 30 years after Mommy L gave birth to me, I was introduced to someone else’s mom’s cooking!  Let us call her Mama M – my hubby’s mother.  Yes, my mother-in-law.  Not a change of heart, but an acceptance that “it is not only my mom’s cooking that is best,” there are other moms  😊 and I have two – lucky me.

More than the cooking of these two magnificent ladies in my life, it is their love and generosity that always touched me, the people they loved and the people who knew then. My mothers’ kitchens would try to extend that generosity.  I do hope you enjoy their blessings.

Feature photo here is my mom or Mother L (on the left) and her youngest sister Rosita (whom we fondly call Nang Ne).  They, too, had shared more than a hundred recipes during happy times, some of them you would find in this blog.

For personal and cultural reasons, Mama M prefers not to have her photo in public, i.e., blogs, posts, etc.  No problem.  Just know that she is beautiful inside out. 

In the photo here is Mama L (yes, my ever-dearest mom) on the left and her youngest sister, Nene.




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