About Me

About Me

Welcome to my mothers’ kitchens!

My name is Magida.  I have been cooking for as long as I can remember; starting from my own mom’s kitchen in the Far East (Philippines) and extending it to the kitchen of my mom-in-law in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia).  While spending time in my own humble kitchen, I continue to notice the  similarities and differences in the pantries and cooking of my two moms. I find them interesting and challenging, so I celebrate those.

My love for food is expressed in the phrase “I would try anything once.”  From my mothers’ kitchens, I also exuberantly enjoy different foodies in my international travel, and yes, I try google-ing and cooking them when I return home.  

You will find some Far Eastern and Middle Eastern recipes in this blog – understandably from my mothers’kitchens; a few international recipes, and “in-betweens” — which are new recipes that I come up with in my attempt to experiment.  

I would not try to impress you with  hard-to-find ingredients, nor would I confuse you with hard-to-understand instructions.  I believe in simplifying things, including cooking.  Well, some recipes take time to cook, that’s different.  Whichever the case maybe, I am sure you will enjoy them, as much as I do!

Welcome again to my mothers’ kitchens — where my own kitchen was born.  

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